David Snyders Architects

The office is based in Cape Town and is currently involved with a number of commercial and residential projects in South Africa. The office prides itself on using efficient and co-ordinated drawing systems to control the design and construction process. The drawings are all done in Revit - industry-leading architecture software that enables the team to fully test and co-ordinate designs in 3D, before they reach the site.

David started David Snyders Architects in 2012. The office has developed a reputation for designing modern buildings that are calm, rational and programmatically intuitive. We are trusted by property developers to maximise efficiency and create cost effective architectural solutions without compromising design. 

David has completed a Masters in Property Studies at the University of Cape Town, along with a 6-year Bachelor of Architecture Degree . This ensures an all-round understanding of the property industry and adds value for developers and clients. David is a regular guest lecturer at the University of Cape Town architecture faculty.